To Buy Used or Not to Buy Used: That is the Question


Welcoming You to the Omeo Family

Whether you purchase directly from Omeo America, one of our authorized dealers, or through a private party, we want you to know that we are excited to have you as a member of our Omeo Family!

There is no getting around the fact that Omeo is an expensive product and purchasing used is an excellent way to join the Omeo family at a significantly lower entry point. However, before you take that route to Omeo ownership, we want to offer some suggestions on things to look out for to ensure you have a fantastic Omeo experience.

Two Important Factors To Consider When Buying Used


Training – Have you been appropriately trained on the Omeo? A measure of skill is required to use the Omeo, and training for every possible scenario will ensure you have a safe experience. Your safety is of utmost importance to us! When a user purchases the Omeo directly from Omeo America or one of our authorized dealers, users are provided with an extensive training experience, including safety procedures, navigation of unknown terrain, best practices for travel and transport, and so much more.


Authorized Service Providers – We can provide you with a list of service providers in your area. Just like you wouldn’t purchase a used car without having your mechanic look it over, we suggest that one of our authorized service providers look over any used Omeo you are considering purchasing. This expense if often split between the buyer and the seller to ensure both parties are covered in the purchase process.


Protect Yourself When Purchasing A Used Omeo

When purchasing your Omeo used, there are some added risks. We want to help you understand some of the unique aspects of the Omeo to help you prepare for your new purchase.


Customized Settings

Whenever you purchase a used piece of tech, you may be operating under the specs of the previous owner. Before using it regularly, you’ll want to have your Omeo configured to your specific needs. Not only will this ensure a more comfortable Omeo ride, but having your seat calibrated to your weight and fitted to your height also adds a measure of safety to your ride experience.


Battery Health

The Omeo has two sets of batteries, making it the industry leader in the number of miles on a single charge (40 miles since you asked!). It’s essential to ensure that any Omeo purchased from a private party does not have batteries that were allowed to lose their charge. Replacement of these batteries is possible, but it can be an unexpected expense (up to $2400), and you deserve to be adequately informed about the health of the batteries in your secondhand Omeo unit.


Indoor and Off-Road Tires

Every Omeo comes with a standard set of tires – just like any vehicle, these tires will experience wear and tear dependent on use. When purchasing an Omeo secondhand, you will want to inspect the tires to ensure they have adequate tread. Using your Omeo with bald tires can cause loss of traction and potentially pose a safety hazard.

The Off-Road Kit is sold separately and consists of two knobby tires designed for outdoor adventures and a set of fenders to protect the wider-width tires. Only some Omeo users have purchased an off-road kit, so the unit you are buying may not come with a set of its own. If you want all-terrain tires for your Omeo, you can contact Omeo America to order your set. 


We have identified some of the unexpected expenses seen with Omeos that are purchased second hand. To help you make an informed purchasing decision have put together some questions to help you identify red flags (or NOmeos as we call them!). We hope these questions will help ensure you have an excellent Omeo experience! While we have touched on a few key issues up above, here are some questions to ask before committing to the purchase of a used Omeo:


1.) How has the Omeo been used? We recommend having any used Omeo you purchased checked out by a licensed technician to ensure you don’t have any damage from use before purchasing.

2.) What is the health of the batteries? We can’t stress enough how important it is to charge your Omeo properly. It goes without saying that batteries do not last forever and must be replaced over time. But it is an added expense, and we recommend investigating it before purchase. 

3.) Do they have service records for any work done to the Omeo? And was the work done by an authorized service provider?

4.) Ask about how it was stored when it wasn’t in use. The Omeo is a hearty little machine, but it isn’t designed to be kept in extreme heat or freezing cold temperatures. Exposure to the elements over an extended period could cause maintenance issues affecting your Omeo experience.

5.) Is the unit current with the most recent firmware?

6.) Do they have all the parts and tools that initially came with the Omeo? Contact us if you need a list of additional components to ensure you have everything you need to service your Omeo once you have taken it home.

7.) Is the user you are purchasing your used Omeo from within the required weight limits? Excessive weight will cause issues with the lean steering as well as void any remaining warranty that may exist on your unit.


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