With their backs to the camera, a woman and a man on a beach sit in personal mobility devices over a lake at sunset

Discover a life-changing, hands-free wheelchair alternative.

Go Further. Go Omeo.

A Life-Changing Wheelchair Alternative

The Omeo is not your average wheelchair. It's a hands-free, self-balancing, personal mobility device that allows you to interact with the world in ways that a medical grade wheelchair cannot.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the Omeo will improve your day-to-day living!

The Omeo Can Handle Every Situation

Around your home, in your yard, to the grocery store, across the sand at the beach, or hit the trails and go off-roading. Best of all? You can go further for longer: up to 30 miles on a single charge.

Explore new places in your city or off-the beaten path with Omeo’s all-terrain capabilities.

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"The Omeo has significantly changed my life.

I am finally able to get outside and enjoy nature with my children. I have found the hands free and active seat control driving mode incredibly intuitive. The off-road tires have allowed me to go places I never would have imagined. This machine is truly life-changing."

- Michelle Mackinney, Omeo User

Shown from behind: a little girl in a pink dress holds the hand of a woman seated in a hands-free mobility device with the word "Omeo" written on the back.

Omeo Features

Go Hands Free: Active Seat Control 

Control the direction, speed, and braking of your Omeo through body movement with Active Seat Control. Advanced self-balancing technology allows you to drive hands-free by using your core to shift your weight left and right or forward and backwards. 

Go Controlled: Joystick

If needed, you can also use the joystick. Move to the left and right with the joystick, while forward and backward movements are controlled by shifting your body weight.

Go Off Road: All-Terrain Wheels

Take your Omeo outdoors in a wide range of environments like the beach, a trail, or gravel road with all-terrain wheels and wheel guard fenders. The special off-road tires have no crown and function at low pressure, providing great suspension and a smooth ride. 

Go Further: Lithium Ion Battery 2X

The lithium ion battery holds a charge that can last up to 30 miles. The Omeo is equipped with dual battery system backups to help avoid mishaps. You’ll get a battery level alert to know when you’re low on power. Built-in safety features ensure that you won’t get stranded.

Go Faster: Up to 12.4 MPH

Run errands or get to your final destination at record speed. The Omeo can go up to 12.4 miles per hour, so even on your busy days you can get what you need done in record time. 

Go Smoother: 0-Degree Turning Radius

Easily navigate tight and confined spaces with Omeo’s 0-degree turning radius. Smoothly move and change directions while in busy crowded areas or small spaces with perfect precision. 

Go Custom: 5 Color Options

Ride in style and choose a color that best suits your personality with five options; purple, green, blue, orange, and black.

Go Omeo: A Revolutionary Personal Mobility Device

Omeo is a personal mobility device that is nothing like a traditional electric wheelchair. Omeo is life changing. The revolutionary self-balancing technology allows you to actively move in the world around you and access places you thought were previously inaccessible.

"The Omeo changed my life. It’s brought back the joy of movement.

You’re leaning, you’re moving side to side, you’re active, and it’s very maneuverable – not clunky.  It’s such a unique device, I can do more things together with my family – go on paved paths, dirt trails, and even on hard sand beaches like Daytona. Sometimes I’ll just act like a kid — I’ll see a row of trees and slalom through them. It’s fun — a wheelchair is not fun. I actually look forward to getting out of bed and into my Omeo."

- Gael Uhlig, Omeo User

"The Omeo is very empowering.

It allows me to go much farther and handle more challenging terrain than I can in my manual wheelchair. It is an amazing machine and it has enabled me to continue enjoying the outdoors.”

- Danni Dean, Omeo User