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What is Omeo?

Omeo has been providing innovative personal mobility solutions for close to a decade. Developed by Omeo Technology, our unique balance-based movement technology, and hands-free steering allows for revolutionary interaction with the world around you.


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A woman in a blue Omeo approaches her family as they sit on the patio. She holds a plate of vegetables.

Go Hands-Free or Joystick

You choose how you move. Go hands-free using your upper body movement to activate our advanced self-balancing technology, or choose joystick mode when you want more precision. 

Two women in Omeos travel along an unpaved forest trail. Both are smiling.

Go Off Road with All-Terrain Wheels

The great outdoors is yours with Omeo’s rugged off-road kit. Now, you will navigate a wide range of environments with ease. Rocky trails, snowy paths, and sandy beaches are no match for the Omeo.

A woman on a black Omeo is in a kitchen, she holds a pot and approaches the stove.

Go Streamlined With a 0° Turn Radius

In a tight space? You have no need to worry with Omeo’s 0-degree turn radius. Now you can move smoothly and change directions in busy, crowded areas or small rooms with perfect precision.

Two people on Omeos move quickly down the beach.

Go Further With 30 Mile Battery Life

You can go all day with Omeo’s industry-leading lithium-ion batteries. Travel up to  30 miles on a single charge. And, with its dual battery system backup, the Omeo is the ideal personal transport, even for your busiest days out!

“The Omeo has changed my life significantly.”

“I am finally able to get outside and enjoy nature with my children. I have found the hands free and active seat control driving mode incredibly intuitive. The off-road tires have allowed me to go places I never would have imagined. This machine is truly life-changing.”

— Michelle Mackinney, Omeo User

Paving the Road To Adventure

Accessibility is only accessible when it’s available for all. Omeo is committed to connecting with our community through partnerships with organizations working hard to bring accessible opportunities to the adaptive community. We are proud to partner with organizations like Southern Arizona Adaptive Sports, University of Arizona Adaptive Athletics, El Tour de Tucson, The Spinal Network, VIP NeuroRehabilitation, NeuAbility, and The Ability Center, which are working within the adaptive community to promote wellness, adventure, and accessibility for all. 

Express your style with one of our six different color options. Fully customized and shipped starting at $32,500 MSRP.

Midnight Black
Tangerine Orange
Caribbean Blue
Shamrock Green
Cardinal Red
Orchid Purple
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“The Omeo changed my life.

As a United States Marine Corps Veteran living the last 44 years in a wheelchair has meant living with restrictions. No riding through the grass, no going on the beach, but now, my Omeo has eliminated those barriers. I get to participate in life in an active way, and look good while doing it! The Omeo is always a conversation starter – I am never short of new friends when I am out and about in my Omeo.”

— Adrian Patterson, Omeo User

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