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We get it, you have places to go, and Omeo wants to get you there. Here are the fast facts:

  • ISO / ASI certified = commitment to quality
  • 50 years in business under AGM Container Controls = passionate people who are here to stay
  • Actively growing community = we’re fun to be around
  • We care about people = that’s it. That’s the heart of it all. No tricks. No Gimmicks.

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We believe in…

The PASSIONATE pursuit of excellence in all areas – from manufacturing to customer service.
We care about our customers and their Omeo experience.

Being COMMITTED to cultivating a community of users that feel connected by common experiences. We achieve this by listening to the needs and desires of the customer. If you reach out, you will speak to a real live person. The only robots here are the ones powering your Omeo.

FUN. Not just in the speed and comfort of the ride you’ll find with an Omeo but also in the community forums, the user meet-ups, and the people you will encounter as you join our community. We are a company that has fun with each other daily in the workplace, which spills over into our community efforts as well.

We are Omeo America

A team of folks passionately committed to empowering people by providing accessibility solutions that help them live on their own terms. Based in Tucson, Arizona, Omeo America is a division of AGM Container Controls, an ISO 9001/AS9100 certified manufacturer for the Aerospace and Defense industry. We are an employee-owned company that has been in business for over 50 years, and every single member of this company is all in on Omeo.

Our Vision:

To empower people to live lives of freedom and independence.

Our Mission:

To provide beautiful, innovative mobility and accessibility products that delight our customers and that deliver a worry-free and safe user experience.

Committed to our Community

Omeo America is made up of some of the best humans we’ve ever met. As such, we are committed to helping our employees and our community grow. We do this by providing employees with stock ownership plans, educational reimbursement, pension plan, and training opportunities to enhance their skills.

In turn, our team is committed to giving back to our community by supporting over 30 non-profit organizations as well as supporting an adaptive cycling team in partnership with Southern Arizona Adaptive Sports. This adaptive cycling team encourages chair users and adaptive athletes to ride together, build relationships, and challenge each other to train and prepare for El Tour de Tucson – one of the most significant community cycling events in the United States.


The Omeo America Team

Howard Stewart

CEO and #1 Community Cheerleader

Howard is a CEO who truly cares. His number one passion is giving back and strengthening our community growth through leadership, education reimbursement, financial gifting, and partnering with nonprofits to help make a meaningful difference in the lives of people

Paul Davis

Division Manager, Access & Mobility

Nothing gets Paul more jazzed than seeing others catch the vision for an incredible product. He’s Omeo’s biggest champion, team encourager, vision caster, and creative director. And though you’d never know it from looking at him, this hard rocker knows every lyric to Iron Maiden’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

Read Paul’s letter to the Omeo community.

Matthew Beltran

Omeo Experience Coordinator

Quality experiences have always brought Matt joy – his attention to detail means his time with Omeo users is always intentional. But Matt wants you to know that the heart of a quality experience is always making sure you have fun while learning something new! If he’s not traveling the country sharing and training new Omeo users, he’s evenings are spent with his favorite ladies, Lizzy and Lola. #puglife

Steve Poutre

Community Leadership

When Steve became an Omeo user, he went all in on building an Omeo community that supports, encourages and provides a safe place to learn. He also built a training center to help new users navigate any number of obstacles and terrain to encourage user safety!

Jasper Kosa

Lead Omeo Design Engineer

Omeo America was able to coax Jasper from the mountains of New Hampshire out here to the desert where he serves as Omeo America’s Lead Design Engineer. From designing experiments and test equipment for pushing the Omeo to its limits to dreaming up further innovations, Jasper is bringing a wealth of new ideas to the team. Being new to the desert, Jasper is having fun exploring all the outdoor spaces Arizona has to offer!

Amber Russell

Omeo Community Development 

Bringing people together around a common cause has long been the jam to Amber’s jelly, so spearheading community efforts around the Omeo is a natural fit. Before joining the team, Amber spent 15 years as a wedding photographer, and there’s a good chance if you meet her at an event, she’ll have a camera in hand. Luckily, using an Omeo is such a blast; there’ll be no need to ask you to “smile for a photo!”

Mike Rende

Omeo Lead Service Technician

Mike has over 30 years of experience as a service technician, with the majority of his time spent servicing, arguably, the most finicky of machines, the iconic office copier. As you can imagine, the Omeo is no match for his investigative skills, so we are confident he will take care of our Omeo family with everything he’s got! When he’s not out on the production floor, you can find Mike hunting and fishing with his son or hitting the pickleball courts with his friends and family!

Danni Dean

Omeo Content Creator

An avid Omeo user since 2020, Danni is thrilled to be able to bring her enthusiasm for and experiences with the Omeo to her work as a freelance communications specialist for Omeo America. Her happiest days almost always include an off-road Omeo adventure in the mountains of Idaho, where she has lived for the past 20+ years.

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