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What our community is saying:

Omeo travelling in snow

Go Off-Road

“The best adventure is getting out on my own into the sticks!”

— Ben Rathke

Holding hands in an Omeo

Go Hands-Free

“There is nothing like walking while holding hands when we are out together.”

— Gretchen Ryan

Music show in an Omeo

Go Confidently

“The best way to fill a dance floor is to have a wheelchair user lead the way!”

— Kate Grover

Posing with a gorilla statue in an Omeo

Go Further

“Omeo erases limitations and allows the freedom of immersive movement.”

— Tavi Karpilow

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Warning: Trying the Omeo may lead to incredible adventures and newfound freedom.

We are excited to introduce more users to the Omeo community and start you on your first ride experience. Most users cited their demo Omeo ride as the moment they found their freedom.

We currently offer multiple ways for our preorder holders to experience our Omeos in person — including demo rides with a regional representative. Join our newsletter to follow our adventures as we bring Omeos to events and expos around the United States, and get to know more of our Omeo Community.

You will be contacted by a team member to coordinate a demo ride and answer any lingering questions about becoming an Omeo User.

“I thought the Omeo would be just another boring power chair, but it’s brought so much more fun and freedom in how it engages my body when I ride!”
— Josh Greddis

See How Omeo Can Take You Further:

40 miles
Battery Life
20 miles
12 mph
Max Speed
6 mph
Minimum Turn Radius
154 lbs
> 154 lbs
Chair Width
Enable Stand Up
4" down, 3" up
Obstacle Clearance
2" down
All Terrain Capable
Other Electric Chairs
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